New & Used Steel Frame Buildings for Sale

Steel buildings are becoming increasingly popular with people who are buying them for their practicality, price and durability. If you are one of those looking for a new or used steel building for sale in the UK then we can help you find the right structure for your purpose. We sell buildings catered for a variety of uses, including; commercial Buildings, homes, farms, metal storage buildings, sheds, barns, Agricultural Buildings, garages and more.

As well as supplying new and used steel frame buildings for sale, we can also help build them on site. We are professional steel frame buildings contractors, helping build metal frame buildings around Manchester and the rest of the UK.

Why Buy a Steel Frame Building?

For years, timber was used as the primary material for any type of

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construction framing work. However, for some people the preference is to have steel frame builders construct steel frame buildings in Manchester for both residential and commercial

building projects. For those of you who have been hearing or reading a lot in various blogs about general steel buildings construction must be curious about why it’s gaining popularity in recent years.

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Several industries across Manchester and the UK are beginning to use steel structure builders for their construction needs. Some of these industries are some of the biggest that contribute to the country’s economy and they include the agriculture industry, the high technology industry, the government, the military, the education sector, and many others. Some typical applications include;  steel farm and agricultural buildings, metal storage buildings, steel sheds, metal barns, steel garages, steel residential homes and more. Steel frame buildings Manchester Contractors have utilised metal as a material to build strong durable construction projects. We are specialists steel and metal frame builders that can help you complete your project on time and on budget.

While the use of steel frame buildings in construction has mostly been used as roofing materials and for framing, today steel is being recognised as a material that can be used and do much more.

The sale of new and used steel frame buildings are increasingly dotting the skylines all over the world, because of the many benefits they offer. Steel buildings are not a new concept as metal has been used in constructions dating back a long time. For years, steel has become a fundamental part of bridges, pipelines, skyscrapers, and even homes, churches, and schools. In the beginning of the 20th century steel was widely used for warehouses and then later used for airplane hangars, and for military barracks. Today, steel has become the number one choice of building material for shopping centres, churches, offices, and even residential homes

Steel is an environmentally friendly material, which is also less expensive than most other materials and more reliable. Two or three years after a home or building is complete, when you use steel framing, you don’t have to worry about walls, door or window frames bowing, or sagging.

Once you live in a home or a building that uses steel, you’ll be amazed at how square your walls, doors and windows stay. Some Manchester steel frame building contractors prefer to use prefabricated steel in their construction projects because it makes their projects simpler and faster to complete.

Prefabricated steel

Prefabricated steel is when a factory mass-produces steel components to the builder’s and contractor’s specifications then delivers these steel components to the site for the builder and/or contractor to assemble together.

Benefits of Steel Frame Buildings


General steel buildings construction represents savings for it’s owners. Steel offers many advantages, including the fact that construction goes much faster and smoother than when traditional building materials are used.  Steel can make it possible for a project to be easily completed.  Another benefit of using steel is the costs are usually lower when compared to traditional building materials. Generally,  metal building structures cost about less than what a conventional construction job would cost. This is due to the prefabrication process used in the production of components and panels used in construction

Metal buildings take less time to build

General metal farmed building construction requires less time for actual construction.  If, for example, a conventional construction job would require 9 months to complete, a steel structure would only need 6 months to build.  This helps owners save time and money because of shorter construction time.  They can be operational sooner


Steel is also much lighter weight and easier to maintain. A steel framed building construction requires little to no daily maintenance. In addition, steel is also recyclable, making it more environmentally sound as well as more cost-effective when compared to other construction material.

High Strength and durable

Steel structures exhibit superior strength when compared to conventional structures. They are engineered for structural strength and stability and they can withstand inclement weather. It is the strength of steel that is its major benefit.

It is a known fact that steel structures can withstand such weather conditions as hurricanes, high winds, and heavy snow, and even earthquakes better than traditional building materials. Structures like this can stay standing after 200 mph winds, the cause of major damage in other structures.  This kind of damage can cost thousands of pounds to repair.  With a steel structure, owners can save money on these kinds of costly repairs. Customers can be assured of high quality steel components and panels that have gone through rigorous testing

No termites or Rotting

Steel buildings are also termite resistant, as well as resistant to creeping, cracks, splitting, and rotting, making steel buildings more durable.

Energy Efficient Homes                                   

Steel framed homes are more energy-efficient.  In addition, steel framed homes also have a reduction in maintenance as walls, windows, and doors stay square and walls of steel framed homes have fewer to no cracks over time.

Steel buildings construction is eco-friendly

While most structures use materials like wood, steel structures do not require that any trees be cut down.  Not only that, they are made of 60% recycled material and are themselves 100% recyclable.  Other structures cannot be recycled because by the time they are ready to be demolished, they are decayed and corroded.  Steel structures can be melted down and used in the production of new structures.

Often, going green involves spending a lot of green. But building environment-friendly structures does not have to be disproportionately expensive. The simple answer to helping the environment while keeping construction costs to a reasonable level is steel.All you need is the right design and construction method to reap all the benefits of steel buildings. So what makes steel good for the environment? Here are the reasons why:

Steel is recyclable, trees are not. A typical 2,000-square foot house requires 26,700 board feet or 102 trees. On the other hand, materials used to construct steel buildings are often made from recycled materials. These could come from scrapped cars, ships, locomotive rails, and other scrap metal sources.

Moreover, any scrap from steel cutting during construction can be collected and recycled. Indeed, steel is highly recyclable that only 1% of steel goes into the landfill. The rest are reused over and over again.

Eco-friendly designs are easier in metal frame buildings. Unlike concrete, steel does not require extensive foundations. The flexibility of steel makes it easier to create designs that are minimally impacting on the building site.The ease of constructing steel into its desired form also helps in reducing scraps. Fabricators like Anthem Steel are able to design steel beforehand so that only nominal cutting will be done during construction.

Metal frame buildings require minimal maintenance. Metal buildings and homes only require very little amount of maintenance. No termite or other treatments are needed. This helps in avoiding the use of harmful chemicals that not only harms the environment but humans and pets as well.

Steel building can be energy-efficient. Steel roofing easily radiates heat from the sun, making it ideal in warm climates. Double-panel steel walls can easily be insulated to make them suitable for colder climates. Moreover, the ease of moulding steel into different designs makes it a cost-friendly material for building well-ventilated and light-efficient homes. It only takes the right design to make the most of this energy-efficient property.

Steel buildings last long. Steel barely needs repair or replacement because of its durability. This saves on the need to fabricate new parts. It also saves on the fuel and energy needed to haul and install those parts.

Construction is faster. Fast construction time means lesser disruption to the community and the ecosystem where the work is done. It also means reduced cost and waste.

Steel is reusable. Aside from being recyclable (as mentioned earlier), steel also boasts of re-usability. If a steel building has reached its end of life, its parts can be reused for other purposes. This is because steel is inherently reusable. If re-usability is not an option, steel can also melted and reconstructed for other uses.Steel is a renewable resource that constructors and building owners must take advantage of. Utilising the efficiency of steel not only helps the environment but also contributes to the cost efficiency of construction. Of course, steel also provides a stronger, longer-lasting, and more sustainable material for building construction.

Metal building construction can be beautiful

Today’s steel structures are extremely flexible in terms of design.  With an almost unlimited options, owners choose to finish the outside of their structures with panels finished in wood, stucco, stone, slate, and brick.

Steel metal framed buildings can also be adapted to many non-conventional floor plans including clear-span (or open-span) as they do not require central load bearing walls. Moreover, steel framed homes and buildings can be covered with traditional building materials such as brick.

If you are interested in building a steel or metal framed building in or around the Manchester area then get in touch and we will help you put your plan in action. We server Manchester and the surrounding areas below.