Tree Maintenance Tips

Important Tree maintenance tips that all home owners should read and be aware of.

If you have a tree planted in the outside of your property then it is important to note that there are some tree maintenance tips that are noteworthy to allow you to look after the outside of your house properly. One consideration is the proximity of your trees and bushes to local electricity cables.

Tree maintenance tips
Maintaining the outside of your house

The service wires to your house are often overlooked when maintenance on the garden is due. In the past the electricity provider would check the clearance of branches in the vicinity of your wires and prune to maintain. Now you may just receive a letter. However, allowing branches to grow this close to wires can have dire consequences in high wind and storm events. Even small branches can rub though insulation leaving conductors exposed!

Clearance for insulated service wires should be at least 500mm but up to 2m for long slender branches that will catch the wind

Trees growing near dwellings in high fire risk areas are often overlooked and understandably so. Come summertime this can become a worry. Fire risk can be managed by:

  • selective pruning of larger trees
  • removal of weed species
  • clearing of dense undergrowth
  • keeping gutters clean
  • not stacking combustive materials against the house

These are just a few measures to consider in your fire management plan.

Looking after your trees

Disease, deadwood and fungus are just a few problems your tree may exhibit and are easily overlooked. Diseased tress can struggle on for years and can post no real danger. They often need a tidy up.

Deadwood is something most people become complacent about. It’s usually the tree that is holding up the tire swing or those small ones over the sandpit. Fungi can be present and difficult to see. Certain types can affect the integrity of trunks and branches and cause them to fail.

Councils throughout Sydney have in place Tree Management Plans which serve to control tree pruning and removal. The management plans do vary from shire to shire but generally allow for minor pruning usually 10%. There are also exemptions that apply to undesirable species and tress under a certain height. Checking with your local council is easy by phone or on-line. Simply go to their website and search Tree Preservation Order, and then download the form.

For all of your tree pruning, cutting & maintenance around Manchester and Cheshire, call us. We are fully insured & with years of experience in the tree maintenance industry we are the perfect choice for homes in Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport.

Some quick council links:

Manchester City Council

Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council

Remember when considering your application for tree pruning or removal; take a look at all your trees.  This can save time and frustration if work to additional trees is required.