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When it comes to tree trimming, tree and stump removal, and other services, you need results. You need to count on a trusted, reliable Stockport Tree Surgeon for these often complex services. And this is precisely why you should choose our services for all your, tree pruning and tree removal needs. Our many years of industry

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experience makes us the best choice in the Stockport area.

Why Quality Matters in Tree and Stump Removal

Have you ever seen a shoddy job with pruning, removal, or trimming? These eyesores are immediately noticed by everyone who sees them. We know that your goal is a beautifully landscaped garden, golf course, or other property. Why should you risk damage to your property – and image – with poor service?

Poorly handled tree surgeon work can cause a whole wealth of problems beyond aesthetics, too. These can include any of the following:

  • Uneven growth and damage to pruned trees
  • Inability for other plants to grow near trees
  • Leftover stump pieces that prevent additional landscaping in that area

You don’t want to risk a damaged aesthetic appeal of your garden or property. You also don’t want to risk any other collateral damage related to shoddy work. That’s why you need to choose quality from the start. And with our company, you’ll only receive the finest quality Stockport Tree Surgeon service.

When it comes to tree surgeon services in Stockport, you need a name you can trust. Our staff has years of experience. These professionals have worked long enough to know what a quality job looks like. And they’ll work even harder to ensure your trees receive the finest quality care.

Available Services

Take a look at the available Stockport Tree Surgeon services we regularly offer to our customers:

Tree Trimming Services:

Tree trimming is available for trees of all shapes, sizes, and lengths. We are master artists of making your trees look good. Our quality focus and attention to detail means you’ll get quality in each and every cut. We know what it takes to properly trim your trees for better looks and quality growth.

Tree pruning:

In addition to tree trimming, we also offer tree pruning services. The goal of tree pruning is to help shape the tree into a more attractive composition. In addition, pruning can help ensure healthy, continued growth of the tree.

Tree pruning involves removal of unwanted parts of the tree itself. The removed parts are mainly those that are misdirected, competitive or weak.

There are various benefits of pruning trees. First, trees can be pruned for beauty or to improve the aesthetics feature of a place. In this case, pruning helps to maintain shape and appearance of the trees including the surroundings. Moreover, pruned trees are highly safe. Dead and broken branches can fall off at any time, which is a serious safety hazard. Finally, pruning has health benefits; it is possible to save an infected tree by pruning away affected branches and limbs. Airflow is improved and the unexpected falling of branches is reduced.

Tree pruning should be done on the most strategic time. It is always best to prune a tree during its dormant season. Some trees like pine can be technically trimmed at any time but, it is not advisable to do so. The only exception is when the tree poses a hazard.

It is important to note the size of the branch that should be removed. Only prune the branches that are less than five centimetres in diameter. If the branch is between 5 and 10 centimetres in diameter, one should not need to do it. In case the diameter is more than 10 centimetres, pruning should only be done if there is a really good reason. Branches that have strong, U-shaped angles should be retained while those that have weak, V-shaped, narrow angles should be removed.

Lateral branches of the trees should range from one-half to three-quarters the diameter of the stem at point of attachment. If not in this range, they should be removed. The ratio of tree height to living crown is supposed to be two-thirds after effective pruning.

It is wise to prune away branches when they are still young. Young branches are much easier to manage and the risk of leaving nasty scars is low. Also avoid as much as possible to trim a branch too close or too long.

Consider hiring a specialist tree pruning service in Stockport to acquire precious services. Poor pruning may mislead your goal or even lead to death of the pruned trees.  Those living in the Stockport area can look up this tree servicing business

Tree and Stump Removal:

Do you have a dying or unsightly tree you need removed in Stockport? Perhaps you’ve already cut it down and need the stump removed. In any of these cases, we have you covered. Our expert removal services eliminate all traces of the tree quickly and conveniently. Soon you’ll reclaim the area for planting new trees, shrubs, flowers, or whatever you’d like.

When you have trouble with a tree in your yard or garden, there’s no need to worry. We will provide a solution to your problem, anywhere in Stockport. We have been more than diligent in our service to our clients – this is why they still continue to benefit from our services. From tree trimming to complete tree removal, we do it all.

Compared to your average tree removal contractor. Our tree removal service comes with high quality tree service with care. Our tree contractors often advise people in the area not to perform tree removal, or any kind of tree service by themselves. Such a practice can prove to be a very dangerous endeavour, for both your health and property. There are many documented cases where people without any training decide that they can perform a complex tree service, and end up hurting themselves severely.

You don’t need to hurt yourself – contact our tree removal company in Stockport, and we will carry out all the Stockport Tree Surgeon services you need while you relax. Our highly experienced and trained professionals follow a strict set of safety protocols, in order to ensure a secure completion of tree removal, without any danger. All of the tree services performed by our company come at competitive and budget-friendly prices, so you don’t have to worry about your pocket.

Raising Tree Canopies:

Another frequent service we perform is raising tree canopies for customers. Sometimes the canopy of a tree is too low and becomes unsightly. We evenly raise the canopy for a more aesthetically pleasing appearance of your trees. Make your trees truly accent your property with this service.

Why Tree Services are Important

We all know that dead, dying, and unkempt trees are an eyesore for a property. That’s usually what prompts people to call us for Stockport tree services. But tree services do a lot more good than the aesthetic. They also help maintain the health of the plants, shrubs, and other trees in any given area.

Diseased or dead trees can cause a host of problems if left untreated. Diseased trees can spread their problems to other trees on your golf course or property. This can easily become a blight that wipes out whole populations of trees.

In addition, dead trees or leftover stumps inhibit other plants from successfully growing. These old root structures prevent new plants or trees from growing and thriving. It takes an expert removal to ensure these problems are completely eliminated. That’s exactly what you need the expertise of our Tree Surgeon Service to help.

Stockport Tree Services for Storms

Storms are a fact of life for many of us in Stockport. Try as we might, most of the time all we can do is batten down the hatches and hope for minimal damage. But house damage is only one part of the devastation a storm can cause. Trees, shrubs, and other landscaping items are among the hardest hit storm victims.

Damaged trees from storms can cause all sorts of problems. Sometimes the trees are only partially damaged and not downed. That means that they’re often precariously hanging or severely cracked. All it would take is one more storm to down the tree and cause more damage.

Do you really want to risk additional damage to your property from a damaged tree? If you need storm damage taken care of, or any other Stockport tree services, call us. Our staff is well-trained to handle these types of trees and removals in the safest way possible. Safety is always our highest concern. This applies to you, your family, and our staff of professionals.

Other Common Tree Problems

There are many problems that affect a trees growth and vigour. They include crowding, thick canopy, leaning trees, and boring insects, trees growing too close to a structure, diseases, and compaction.

One problem that many trees experience is overcrowding. In this case, some of the less desirable trees should be removed to allow the remaining trees to grow to their full potential. The overcrowding can cause the trees to grow tall and spindly. By removing some of the trees, this allows the canopy of the trees left to grow properly.

Thick canopy is another problem that many trees experience. This problem is created from lack of care and trimming. This allows unnecessary wind resistance and excessive weight. Selectively thinning a tree reduces weight and allows the wind pass through the tree with less resistance. This promotes a healthier better looking tree.

Leaning trees is a problem that sometimes needs attention. Sometimes trees can have a lean and grow to their full potential, but others may cause a serious hazard. Depending on the health of the tree and its canopy, a good trimming can sometimes give some relief to a leaning tree. Other times, a tree may need to be removed because it poses a potential hazard.

Insects are another problem for trees. Some trees are more susceptible to insect infestation that others. The best defence against these pests it to try to keep your trees as healthy and unstressed as possible.

Trees growing too close to a house or structure are another problem that many people face. The limbs can cause damage to the roofs and the root system can cause damage to foundations. One solution to this problem is to trim the trees back off of the house or structure. The last resort should be to remove the tree. This should only be done if there is no other viable option.

Diseases can quickly become the downfall of a tree. Disease usually acts hand in hand with insects in harming a tree. One usually makes an entrance for the other. Diseases can be caused by many things including fungus, bacteria, and viruses. Although they are usually not the only thing detrimental to a tree, disease can cause a lot of harm. Diseased trees should be treated or removed when necessary.

Compaction is a problem that is often overlooked in trees. Compaction of the soil does not allow a tree to get the necessary oxygen and water that it needs to grow. There are several methods to correct this problem including the use of compost and fertiliser.

There are many problems that a tree might cause or even be susceptible to, but for all of your tree needs GIVE US A CALL.

Distinction Among Competitors

We understand that we’re surrounded by competitors who all make similar claims. Landscaping and tree removal companies seem like a dime a dozen here in Florida. But one critically important element distinguishes us from our competitors. That distinction is in consistent quality of service for every customer.

Our friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable staff is happy to answer any questions you may have. We’re committed to providing efficient, safe, and timely Stockport Tree Surgeon services. We also offer free estimates so you can get an understanding of the cost before committing. We don’t throw in hidden costs like some of our competitors try and do. Instead, we offer upfront pricing, friendly and honest service, and excellence every step of the way.

Additionally, we want you to remain 100% satisfied with the work we complete. That’s why we make it a point to do it right from the start. Your satisfaction means everything to us. We know that a satisfied customer is the one who recommends us to friends, family, and other businesses. We’re delighted to advertise ourselves by providing quality work to our customers time and time again.

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Quality, efficiency, and safety drive everything we do here. With a wealth of recommendations and praise, why not choose the best Stockport tree service? We’re happy to talk with you to discuss precisely what you need. And our estimates are free with no commitment to buy. When you choose Stockport Tree Surgeon Service, you’re choosing the best in the business.