Planning your steel frame building

Planning your steel frame building

When considering purchasing a steel frame building, you first have to know what size of building you will need.  To do this, you will need

How to decide on your steel builsing plans

to known what purpose the building will serve, now and in the future.  The following questions will help you determine what size building you will require as well as determine the gauge of steel you will need:

What size of equipment will you store in the building?

This includes how tall as well as how wide.  Another aspect that will affect the size of the interior of your building is whether or not you will finish the walls and ceiling.   What size, and type of door, roll-up, sliding, or walk through, will be best to move your equipment into and out of the building?

Will you need column free inside space? 

This means that there will be no columns inside supporting the ceiling. Will you need your building to be insulated?  You may want to consider this if you live in an area where the temperatures are extremely cold or hot.  However, this may not be a problem if you are not planning on being inside it for extended periods of time.  You will also need to know the average snowfall and wind velocity for your areas to determine the gauge of steel you will need for your building.  The gauge of steel will affect the price of your building.

What type of flooring will you install for your steel building?

It is important to understand that this is not a complete list of questions you should ask yourself before talking to a salesperson about a new metal building. It is a sad fact that not every salesperson will have their customer’s best interests at heart. Many are only looking to make a quick sale to earn their commission, or make their required quota.

By understanding what you require in a steel building before you ever speak to a salesperson, gives you will the opportunity to determine approximately how much your steel building should cost, thus giving you an advantage of acquiring compare bids for your new building, and saving you considerably on the price of your steel building.   This process works for any size steel building from a simple 8 X 10 steel storage shed to a huge complex structure to be used as a steel structure on a farm or a manufacturing facility