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Our tree surgeon Altrincham and Gardening services began with the inspiration to provide a complete portfolio of quality tree surgeon services in Altrincham, Cheshire and across Manchester and Stockport.  Now many years later, we are still providing customers (residential and commercial) the personal attention they seek.  From us, you know that you can count on quality work,

Tree surgeon service Altrincham
Professional Tree cutting, removal and tree surgery service in Altrincham

because each year we take the time to have inspections, interviews, and tests conducted that allow us to renew our business certifications and licenses.

We take our work and commitment to customers seriously.  Our solid reputation is based on our prompt undivided attention to our customers’ needs.

We tackle problems such as Piles of fallen leaves, bare flower and shrubbery beds and Gutters filled with debris. If left as is, all can wreak havoc on your yard. After as little as ten days, the acid build up from fallen leaves starts to kill healthy grass. Flower and shrubbery beds that are not protected by a thick layer of fresh mulch are most susceptible to the damage caused by winter’s storms and frigid cold. Gutters filled to the brim with leaves and debris are a nightmare come the first snow, ice, or rainstorm. What can you do to maintain your yard’s beauty and health? Let our professional Garden and Tree Service in Altrincham handle the tedious, necessary yard maintenance chores. In business for many years, our tree surgeon and garden services in Altrincham gives customers the personal attention they seek.


Tree Removal In Altrincham

Here and there you will find yourself in need of a tree removal team with the skills to get the job done safely. With our Tree Removal Service, you will find just that and much more in Altrincham.

There are typically several reasons that a tree needs to be removed. The tree itself is usually damaged, diseased, or infested with nests of insects.

Damaged Tree Removal

Its hard to imagine a force of nature that is powerful enough to severely alter a tree’s health. Trees have always been a symbol of integrity, strength and health. In most cases a storm has ravaged the land taking the well being of your precious tree with it.  If this is the case and you fear the eventual collapse of a tree on your property it is imperative that the tree be removed. A tree that is damaged is likely to fall at some point which could endanger you, your family, your friend, and even pets. Depending on the location of the tree it is also possible that it could cause catastrophic amounts of damage to your home. Potentially this could cause you to spend valuable money on roofing, renovating, construction and other expensive services. It truly is a “better safe than sorry” kind of situation.

Diseased Tree Removal

Most trees aren’t going to fall victim to disease and are capable of adapting to win over even some of the harshest afflictions.  That being said its important to understand that although most trees will survive its actually very rare to find a tree that is 100% clean of disease. This is because trees are inherently homes to hundreds if not thousands of other organisms some microscopic, and some visible to the naked eye.  Truly this fact is a testament to the toughness exhibited by trees globally. What can make identifying a sick tree difficult is the sheer volume of diseases versus the huge amount of  different tree species. Not every disease is going to affect every tree and vice versa as well.

Common symptoms of a sick tree are discoloured sections, partially dead leaves, or fungi growth.  One of the more common diseases is Anthracnose which is caused by the growth of fungi. This fungi reproduces exponentially through the use of its spores. These spores are invisible to the naked eye and travel by way of air. In addition to this they reproduce during periods of rainfall. This means that during consistent periods of rainfall the spores are more likely to spread infecting your trees. A second common cause of illness in trees is the decay of roots sometimes called root rot. Think of roots as being the foundation of all life within a tree. Through roots the tree is given life, nutrients, and water.  As time goes the roots continue to grow even if the visible parts of the tree stopped many years prior. If the roots appear to be broken or infected with fungi than chances are your tree is sick.

Insect Infected Tree Removal

Some trees are susceptible to insects whether the insects are disrupting the natural processes of the tree’s or bringing disease they are certainly an issue from time to time. Insect’s often will feed off the natural juices or “sap” of a tree this drain if large enough in quantity can delay the growth of the host tree. Without access to proper amount of sap the tree can become less durable with its roots become brittle, and stunting the structure. It’s worth noting that not all insects are bad for nature. In fact the vast majority of insects are actually beneficial to the growth of trees dropping fertilisers packed with nutrients in exchange for a home.  In addition they aid in pollination and can fulfil the role of predator helping to fend off more destructive types of organisms.

Types of Insects That Infest & Damage Trees

For the most part these insects can be separated into several types determined by eating methods. There are sucking, chewing. and boring each with a different role in the infection or growth of the tree. Sucking insects utilise there proboscis (beak) to break into the insides of leaves, branches, fruits, flowers, or twigs and draw nutrients. While absorbing precious nutrients the deposition of disease is an obvious risk. Aphids, thrips, leafhoppers, and mealy bugs are some of the most common examples of these insects. They often create the discoloration, wilting, stippling, or draining of life within a tree. Chewing insects are perhaps more common or at least more easily identifiable the common man. Beetles, larvae, moths, caterpillars, and at times lady bugs are associated with this division. These bugs eat leaves, flowers, twigs, branches, and even small buds. They often create a lifeless look on the tree recognised by the skeletonising of its leaves. Boring insects are sometimes the hardest to find. These insects will dig into the bark or moss of a tree and create lavish tunnels as its home. They feed off the bark and the other insects which exist on the inside of it.

Regardless of which pest is detrimental to the life of your tree our Tree Service in Altrincham can assist you.

Removing Any Hazards on Your Property

It’s not a common for someone to be joyous when removing a dangerous tree. Whether it’s sick, damaged, infested, or too old a threat to your family is always a number one priority.  When removing your tree we will be handle the job with the highest possible level of integrity. Sometimes trees are more difficult to remove due to the location. Is it located right next to your home? Is it potentially in the way of power or utility lines? These are questions we ask before every job so that we can employ the highest level of safety possible. It goes without saying that our Tree Surgeon Service are dedicated artists as well as scientists. The former and the latter are necessary to create a happy customer in this market.  Our objective is to give you access to safe tree removal services, in a timely manner, without disturbing your land or property and protecting your family from potential threat. Usually the removal of a tree can result in all kinds of debris; wood chips, dust, leaves, twigs,  and branches scattered throughout your property you can count on us to make sure your property is properly cleaned before we part ways.

Tree Pruning and trimming

Tree Pruning is the art of keeping trees healthy and attractive.  Tree pruning (sometimes called trimming) is quite possibly the best thing you can do for a tree. By maintaining trees properly you can prevent disease, ageing, insect infestations, damage to your home, and your family.  By pruning your trees diseased parts will be removed which slows if not prevents the spread of disease. This includes blotched leaves, blistered leaves, shot-holed leaves, spotted leaves, mildew infected leaves, anthracnose infections, and many other unhealthy parts of your tree. Wherever you find diseased sections you will find the fungi’s and insects that brought the disease with it. This means by removing the infected you are also killing the food source for the infested and removing copious amounts of infested populous as well. These two advantages of pruning alone can extend the lifespan of your tree’s unimaginably.

The Benefits of our Tree Pruning Services

In addition to the trimming benefits foliage expansion birthing new, fresh, healthy leaves, fruit and flowers. Depending on the location of the tree at hand trimming can prevent the seemingly random spread of branches which could get in the way of utility lines and other aspects of your home.  For families with young children who are often outdoors trimming will increase your level of comfort as well. Older trees are subject to fragile roots, which in turn creates fragile structure and branches. This is why you occasionally see a rather large branch outside laying on the ground. Either a storm pushed the tree to its limits or the strength of its branches is beginning to run dry.Improving Your Tree’s Beauty & Shape

Lastly, trimming is a wonderful way to maintain the appearance of your property in Altrincham. Maybe you’re selling your home and avidly awaiting a buyer. Maybe you’re new to the neighbourhood and want to cast a nice impression, who knows! Maybe you’re just looking to have an attractive home. Whatever the situation is having well-kept trees is an absolute necessity to achieving that alluring look for the exterior of your home.  Trees are an essential aspect of the value surrounding your home by keeping them healthy, in shape, and well groomed you are creating a beautiful home that reflects integrity. Tree’s that are trimmed and pruned properly will flourish during the hot summers, providing necessary shade to your property. This shade does make a difference saving you valuable money on energy costs.Saving Your Tree

To wrap it all up tree pruning has vast benefits that prove well worth the trouble every single day. Trimming can prevent and remove the infestation of diseased insects that will take up residency in your yard. These insects infestations if untreated can cut the average lifespan of your trees dramatically. Also trees which are already suffering from disease can be saved if not medicated to avoid exponential breakdown. Our tree surgeon services include removing the sickened sections of a tree thus allowing for the rebirth of healthy new limbs. The trimming process can also prevent the eventual fall of weak, sick, or old branches which could cause damage to your roof, exterior, fences or even your family. Pruning is also a major addition to the physical appearance of your property which is going to be helpful for selling, renting or just being happy with the appearance of your home.

Emergency Tree Removal Services 

When heavy branches- even entire large trees- break off and fall on cars, homes, sheds, fencing or other objects, it can be dangerous to remove them yourself. Emergency tree and branch removal should only be done by expert professionals with the experience to ensure that additional damage doesn’t occur. Fallen trees and weighty branches that block vital paths to or from your home should be quickly removed for your own safety. We’ll quickly remove the fallen tree or fallen branches while limiting further damage to your property in Altrincham. When a tree falls on a power line, it’s crucial that you immediately call in professionals as attempting to remove a fallen tree from an area near a power line is very dangerous. It requires specific equipment and it’s best to call in the professionals to have the tree removed as soon as possible before further damage occurs.

Our highly trained emergency tree services crew has accomplished a wide range of tree-related emergency removals. We have the experience to quickly assess the situation and design the safest plan to remove the fallen tree and branches without causing additional property damage. Our emergency tree removal team has been exposed to handling a number of local tree accidents, including entire trees that have fallen on cars or crushed sheds and garages, in a variety of situations, including severe weather. When only a portion of the tree falls, it’s important to have a knowledgeable expert assess the safety and health of the remaining tree to decide whether it should be removed as well. This is not the best time for hiring amateurs or doing it yourself. We are available 24 hours, so when an emergency strikes, we will be there!

Emergencies that involve fallen trees are potentially hazardous situations that may cause further damage to your property, if not yourself. Our emergency training and experience ensures that we know the best way to safely remove heavy branches or fallen trees from a variety of potentially dangerous positions without causing further damage. Please don’t hesitate to call in the experts and have the fallen tree removed safely and quickly before further damage occurs. Emergencies can happen at any time. That is why we are available at all times.

Crown Cleaning Altrincham

Those are some of the glorious benefits of trimming your trees. However there are also other objectives for which we continue to improve our pruning techniques year after year. These procedures are referred to as crown cleaning, crown thinning, crown raising, or crown reduction.Crown cleaning is the explicit removal of sick, infested, lifeless or broken parts of a tree. Cleaning is always going to be a great aspect of pruning. This process will extend the lifespans of your tree for decades and keep your family safe.Crown thinning is the process by which we selectively cut certain branches across your tree’s in order to allow more sunlight into your yard’s and home. Sunlight isn’t just a necessity for plant life it is also vital for the healthy development of humanity. In fact the most well-known benefit of absorbing sunlight is the acquisition of vitamin D which helps to prevent various cancers if used in moderation. There are countless other reasons to take in more sunlight. Exposure to the sun is known to help support the prevention of seasonal effective disorder, diabetes, skin conditions, heart disease and many more. In addition it also helps keep your immune system strong.

Crown Raising

This is the process by which appropriate boundaries are crafted between trees and homes, wires, other plant life, and other trees. This is necessary because a tree which is in danger of making contact with your power lines could be a tree that causes power outages, and if less fortunate fires, damage to your home, and family.Crown Reduction is the careful process of adjusting the height or spread of foliage in a tree. This can be done for several reasons such as to allow more sunlight, for aesthetic purposes or even to prevent contact with another tree. Although this process is available it depends upon the particular species of tree at hand. Certain types of species will not be capable of withstanding this process where as some will be easy.

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