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The Key to Successful Interior Design in Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport

One of the most important keys to providing successful interior design is a client brief.  For each of our Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport interior design clients, we interview them thoroughly in order to create a detailed client brief.  The client brief is critical because it outlines to the designer the exact parameters of the

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interior design project.  This is the foundation for success in interior design – only with a high-quality client brief is the designer then able to provide a positive solution to their requirements.

In our experience when dealing with our interior design clients, many of them voice displeasure with the quality of work from other interior design firms.  When our interior design firm asked what their biggest issue was, the response was consistent across several clients – “They just didn’t do what we wanted them to do”.  Clearly, the expectations of the interior design firm and the Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport client were not in sync.  How does this happen?

Well, the biggest pain point is that most interior designers take what the client says at face value. They are often in a hurry and want to get the project started or vice versa.  It’s important to have a logical, step-by-step exploration process that is part of your interior design firm’s policy.  For each of our interior design clients, we spare no expense in making sure we understand and document every last detail of their requirements.  Not doing so it just asking for a dissatisfied client, which hurts not only your interior design firm’s bottom line but more importantly, their local reputation as well.  Because of this, we make sure to go the extra mile to meet every request of our interior design clients in Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport.

No matter if the interior design project is simple or complex, there must be a process in place at your firm to ensure that the clients expectations are understood and documented.  The interior design project should then be tracked towards these requirements on a steady basis, so that expectations do not verge off the same path.

To do this, an interior design firm should look into industry best practices or even software automation to manage this process well.  In bigger cities such as, interior design firms should have no problem locating partners/consultants that can help optimize their business.  Now that you understand the importance of the client brief and why so many other interior design firms fail at providing quality customer service, it is our hope that you will truly dig deep to create a high-quality brief.  Our interior design firm in Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport has always prided itself on going the extra step for our clients, but we have no doubt that it all starts with asking the right questions, no matter how insignificant or trivial they may seem.