Aerial Truck for Trees

Why use an Aerial Lift Truck for Trees pruning trimming and removal?

The advantage of using an aerial lift truck whenever possible is that the job can usually be done in significantly less time thereby bringing costs down and enabling us to usually charge less while at the same time doing a more thorough and detailed job. In addition, in pruning large deciduous trees, the most difficult thing for a

aerial trucks for tree maintenance
Advantages of using an aerial truck for removing, pruning and trimming trees.

climber, without an aerial lift truck, to achieve is the ability to prune way out on the ends of the branches to thin, lighten and deadwood them. With troublesome trees like Elms, this is usually the most important area to work on, and this is where the aerial lift excels. The arborist can easily and swiftly do what is needed while not becoming exhausted in the process thereby maintaining energy and focus throughout the job. The ends of the branches can be pruned in detail and with ease as compared to a climber trying to reach way out with a pole pruner or pole saw and attempting to make clean accurate cuts. Obviously this is very difficult if not impossible.

In addition, the overall shape of trees can easily be maintained with an aerial lift because the operator can move so quickly around the tree and also pull back to take a better look from different angles. The arborist can also make quick work of pruning or trimming spindly trees such as Aspens, which many times cannot be climbed at all.

All in all, the aerial lift truck is one of the most useful tools an expert arborist can have at his disposal. Not all trees can be reached by an aerial lift, but when they can an expert arborist can do things in a tree that a climber cannot compete with. In addition, more work can be done at a lower cost due to speed and efficiency.