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What can you expect?

A landscape gardener Manchester firm can help keep your garden and lawn immaculate and beautiful. While many people have what others consider ‘the green thumb,’ there are also many others who do not have this talent and require the services of landscape gardeners to maintain their lawns.

In the UK, the four seasons can wreak havoc on one’s gardens. Thus, these lawns have particular maintenance needs during the springs, summers, autumns, and winters. Normally, a landscape firm can clean up your yard and garden within one day.

During the spring, a landscape gardener Manchester firm like ours can offer a myriad of services. Cleaning up of your yard during this season can be a tedious task. While the work can be done in just one day, the removal and clean-up of old material can be very hard. Landscape professionals can help you do the trick.

Landscape Gardener Services in Manchester

As part of the landscape services, we can weed garden beds, trim hedges, install composted bark mulch, prune shrubs & bushes, rake gardens & lawns, edge lawns’ garden borders, edge lawns’ cement borders, blow sidewalks & pathways, and rake debris out. These professionals also attend to your lawn care and mowing needs.

After the spring and summer comes the autumn season. This means clean up time for people with considerable-sized lawns. This means you can hire a specialist landscape gardener in Manchester like us to cut up, tidy up, and remove leaves in preparation for the winter.

Particularly, some of the things that the landscaper can do during autumn are: cut back perennials, trim the hedges for a clean look during the winter, clean up dropped pine needles and leaves, protect plants by mulching the garden, apply fertilizer, cut trees that cannot withstand winter storms and winds, clean out drains, and pressure wash driveways and pavements to stop mould and mildew.

Ideas for Planing and Building New Gardens for all Climates

A gorgeous garden is a place where you can spend many hours enjoying time with your family and friends, and a thoughtful landscaping garden design can also improve your home’s value. Creating a beautiful oasis in your backyard is not inexpensive, so it is worth your time to carefully consider your options before making a financial investment. If you want to design a backyard that evokes the feeling of a tropical resort, consider the following:Lush Foliage and Flowers

One of the best ways to create a tropical oasis in your backyard is through beautiful greenery, and bright bursts of colour from flowers. The flora that will best suit your garden depend on your climate zone, but there are a number of plants, such as elephant’s ear and taro, that can thrive outside of a tropical zone. Flower options include hibiscus, canna, and bird of paradise. If you live in a particularly cool climate, you can plant orchids and bromeliads in pots outside, and bring them inside your house during the cold winter months.

Installing a Pool in a Garden

If you want to create a resort design for your garden then there are many things that you can do. Every tropical resort has a pool, and for good reason. Pools not only provide a place to exercise and cool off during hot weather, they also make a huge difference in the ambience of a garden. When you choose a custom pool design, you can build the perfect pool for your yard. To continue with the tropical theme for your garden area, consider adding a waterfall to your pool, and consider a sun shelf, a shallow outcropping that is perfect if you have young children.Build a Patio

Every back garden needs a patio for outdoor furniture. Having a patio will allow you to have a well designed garden seating area for your guests, and if you enjoy dining outdoors you should consider purchasing an outdoor dining set. There are a number of options for a patio; you can lay concrete or use bricks or paving blocks and slabs, or modern outdoor tiles. After you build a patio, look for outdoor furniture with a tropical feel—teak and bamboo are good options.

Garden Fountains

The sound of running water is incredibly soothing, and a fountain can give your backyard the tropical feel that you want. There are a number of fountains available for purchase, and you can also look into DIY fountain options. A fountain is a small touch, but it can make a big difference in turning your backyard into a true tropical oasis that you will always enjoy.

To avail any of the gardening services of a landscape gardener in Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport, all you need to do is to call us. While hiring the right company is not easy, the task would be made easier if you get references, research online, and seek testimonials. Your lawn adds a lot of value to your property and the right landscape gardener in Manchester like ours can help you maintain its beauty