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We offer professional metal and steel solutions for commercial, retail stores, fire stations, churches, Airplane Hangar, warehouse and much more

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Steel Buildings Built To Last

All of our steel framed buildings can be used for a wide range of purposes, in various industries and locations. We will create the perfect product for a multitude of uses from industrial to rural areas, automotive and retail establishments. Whatever you need, we can create it.

When you choose Steel Buildings Design, you have total control over how much support you require with your project. We offer a partial supply service for our customers who would like help with specific, but not all aspects of their project. This is particularly great for clients who wish to construct a self-build.

We will support you with the organisation of planning permissions, designing the structure and construction phases. Thanks to the many years of experience our experts hold, we know how to implement practical solutions to help you achieve your ideal, steel-framed structure.

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Delivering All Types of Buildings

We provide a variety of structures, like farm buildings (pole barns) and storage buildings, intermediate complexity buildings, like agricultural buildings and quonset buildings, to complex pre engineered structures, like steel churches, commercial buildings, industrial steel buildings and more, including plan and spec jobs for less than our competition.

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Residential Steel Buildings
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Agricultural steel buildings
Agricultural steel buildings provide numerous benefits that include but are not limited to, protecting field and farm equipment from deterioration and rust caused by weather changes and precipitation. Accompanied with insulation, our buildings provide year round comfort for livestock.
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Steel structures are often times designed to attach to existing structures, providing and affordable expansion solution. While these steel structures are a practical choice for expansions, they are also thermally efficient with the addition of insulation (wall, roof and or in-floor heating).
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Recreational , Arenas And Storage Buildings
Steel buildings have proven themselves a popular and reliable building choice for recreational facilities and arenas. Low maintenance and construction costs make steel buildings a competitive option. Prestige Steel Buildings are easily insulated, for year-round animal comfort
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Other Custom Steel Buildings
We are experienced providers of custom built steel buildings of various types. Whatever you needs, contact us and we will be happy to discuss the perfect solution for your specific needs and budget. We offer a large variety of building styles and sizes to meet every use case scenario.
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Why Choose Our Steel Building?

Here are a few resaons to choose us as you next steel frame building contractor.

  • Quality of our products
  • Excellent customer service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Components used are of the highest standards
  • Certification on all buildings
  • Color — multiple options on panels and trim
  • Industry-leading delivery times: local, national & international
  • Buildings fabricated to your requirements
  • Full assurance of replacement/expansion components far into the future
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Factory installed purlin and girt clips
  • Standard through-fastened roof and wall panels
  • More economical to operate: thanks to superior engineering
  • More economical to construct: no field fabrication required
  • Warranties on all buildings

How do you save money?
We are direct manufacturers which makes our buildings affordable. This way, you avoid typical retail markup and don’t need to pay traditional high commission whatsoever. It is a very simple and cost effective sales process, and therefore you can get the maximum value for your money. With us, you will buy wholesale direct and you can easily save up to 40% on all your steel building needs.

We work with Prefab steel – and our manufactures can prefabricate steel structures for your needs and you buy directly from us. There is no other retail party involved, and this keeps the whole process simple for you while drastically minimizing the costs.
Why should you choose us?
You may find many steel building companies and many of them might offer you similar deals to buy directly from the factory. However, we are an experienced supplier leader with an excellent track record. You can be confident that our steel buildings will meet all your needs. We have engineered and designed steel buildings for clients all over the UK. What we have learned on the way is invaluable consumer data. That allows you the customer to secure the best from engineering to design to on-time delivery and most importantly customer service. This is what helps us to serve you so much better, in a way no other company can.
What We Offer You
While promising the highest standards of quality at the best price, we offer you a personalized service that is simply the best. We will offer our products exactly according to your needs. You may want a steel building for commercial purposes or a steel self storage unit or a metal church building or an airplane hangar – we have solutions for all your needs. In addition, we also provide our goods for other interiors like beautiful and long lasting doors, windows, insulation etc. Whatever you need be, we have a solution for you. So you don’t need to look for other options – we are a single source manufacture for all your prefab steel metal buildings needs and all that you will ever need to make that perfect steel building purchase.
We Understand Your Needs
We understand that like people, steel buildings are unique too. We understand your need and your concern for your steel building. We also understand the purpose behind its creation and we appreciate that it means a lot to you. Therefore we deliver the highest quality service at the most affordable price, while keeping YOU in mind. All our focus is centered on serving you and your needs.
More Than Just Cost Saving
One of the primary reasons companies opt for using steel buildings as opposed to constructing from the ground up is cost, you can save upwards of 65% to 80% of the cost of new construction depending on the type of steel building you plan on raising. If you think about it for a moment, steel building use isn’t new; you’ve seen them used as airplane hangars, silos, and warehouses for years. The difference now is they have become quite aesthetically appealing, they are made to look like churches, office parks, and commercial properties as well.
Steel Buildings Cutomised For You
Whether you are seeking a bespoke commercial structure or something as simple as a double garage, our expert team are always available and will be by your side, every step of the way. Together, we will create your perfect steel-framed building.

As one of the UK’s leading providers, here at Steel Buildings Design, we know precisely what it takes to create a quality product. We understand that many customers can feel intimidated by the thought of creating a custom building. You can rest assured knowing that our team will do whatever we can to make the entire process of your bespoke build as easy and stress-free as possible. Our dedicated team of experts are committed to providing you with the most cost-effective quotation within 24 hours of your enquiry.
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Steel Buildings

Steel structures and buildings have always been used in warehouses, godowns and places where having a wooden structure is not feasible. Steel buildings present many advantages as compared to traditional buildings. This has helped fuel more demand for steel based structures. Steel building basically refers to a steel framework or a metal structure that is commonly used as homes, storage houses, industrial buildings and also in areas where wood cannot be used.

Metal & Steel Building Kits, Manufacturers | Industrial & Residential

Being non combustible steel structures provide a high degree of fire retardation properties. A typical design of a steel structure is either a straight walled or arched or curved design. Straight walled steel buildings provide more vertical space clearance than arched types. Straight walled steel buildings are generally used in warehouses and factory setups. On the other hand arch type steel buildings are mostly used in places where the storage area needs environmental protection such as high speed winds, snow and hurricane infested geographies. The arch structure by its nature provides excellent aerodynamic properties which helps it to withstand high force winds. The curved design also helps to distribute the load evenly across the base thereby maintaining the structural integrity.The Load bearing capacity of an arch steel building has helped such structures to be widely used in locations with sub zero temperatures and snowy areas.


Steel buildings come in various patterns and designs and are completely customizable. They are available in many colors, designs, and siding. There is no doubt that steel building construction is much more economical than brick or lumber, and the durability is much higher than the previous two types of construction. You should also achieve some benefit of cost when it comes to insurance as steel buildings tend to cost less to insure. So as you see there are many benefits to choosing steel building construction, and you should weigh those choices against the more traditional types of construction available, your budget, and zoning in the proposed area of construction.

Advantages of steel buildings :

1 ) Fire Proof - Steel is fire retardant and non-combustible. While on the other hand wood burns easily.

2 ) Strength and Stability - Steel is about 120 times stronger than wood. Steel structures have known to be be standing tall even in events of natural disasters like hurricanes and typhoons.

3) Low maintenance Costs - A steel structure doesn't require any maintenance. Once built the steel structure can go without maintenance upto many years.

4 ) Durability - Steel is more durable than wood. Unlike wood steel doesn't have problems with insect infestation and termites.

5 ) Cost Benefits- Steel structures have huge cost saving advantages when compared to wooden structures. In a properly estimated plan the use of steel can result in savings upto 50%.

6 ) Easy assembly - Nowadays steel buildings are also sold in a easy assembly kits. The assembling and erection of steel structures becomes very easy. Many manufacturers supply ready to use steel building kits. These kits can be assembled quickly and hence reduce the construction downtime.

7 ) High load bearing properties- Due to the use of metal instead of wood. Steel structures have a high load bearing capacity than wood.

Additional cost savings

Savings can not only be achieved in the building itself but in the construction as well, usually you don’t need to pour foundation. Although some type of flooring is obviously suggested. Steel building construction can typically be broken down into these three cost-saving measures. 1. The general cost of materials 2. The durability of the materials used 3. The reduced time of construction of your steel building project

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Steel Buildings That Stand Out In 4 Easy Steps

If you have decided on a steel metal building, then you need toconsider the quality and cost of construction. These are the two most essential features when selecting a steel building company. We can guarantee you both the highest quality and the best price. We accomplish this through a number of our tried and tested methods.

Step 1: Contact Us
Reach out via phone, email, or our website inquiry form.
Step 2: Discuss Requirements
Share your building needs, specifications, and project timeline.
Step 3: Receive Custom Quote
We'll provide a detailed cost estimate tailored to your specifications.
Step 4: Finalise Details
Approve the quote and details to start the building process.
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Supplying Quailty Custom Metal Frame Buildings

We can provide you with materials only or we can provide erection (construction services) for your building systems project. We have traveling building crews ready to go to work for you.

If you can’t find the building system you are looking for, give us a call and we will be happy to help you out, free of charge! Our staff is the best in the industry at problem solving and includes registered architects, licensed engineering staff and a professional sales staff with years of steel building industry experience. We can leverage our experience to provide you with the best steel building prices available.

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Your Vision, Our Steel: We Deliver Precision and Quality

Whether it is answering your questions, rapidly providing you with an availability and cost quotation, or insuring that all of the elemental components that make up your particular building are the very best, Steel Service Building Company is ready. Our commitment to quality of service and responsiveness to the specific needs of each customer have made us the standard for excellence in the industry.

From initial contact to final delivery, SSBC provides you with the design and features your next building project requires. Our wide selection of framing systems, roof types, wall types and accessory components offers the unparalleled flexibility demanded by today's architects, builders, and contractors.

Hiring Leadgenz was a great decision for us.
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Hiring Leadgenz was a great decision for us.
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John William
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Hiring Leadgenz was a great decision for us.
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Affordable Steel Buildings of All Types

For years, our national capability and focus on the individual customer have firmly established us as the premier company in the pre-engineered metal building industry.

For commercial or industrial structures, schools, agricultural buildings, church facilities, or office space, no matter what the size, we provide what you require. Our buildings are professionally designed and engineered to meet some of the toughest structural building codes in the world and even with this level of quality you will find that they are among the most competitively priced in the industry. These are just some of the things that make us the leader.

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Top 3 Benefits Of Steel Buildings

Solid, Affordable and Long Lasting

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Cost Effective

Metal frame buildings tend to be cheaper to construct than traditional bricks and mortar buildings. It's one of the key reasons why so many people are opting for this option. Find out how we can help you save on your next build.

High Strength and Ductility

Steel is one of the strongest materials that can be used to construct a project. They are not only strong but also offer high ductility, reducing the possibility of cracks in structures.

Faster Construction

Metal frame structures are becoming increasingly popular due to the speed at which they can be built. This is a great option for people looking for fast building solutions.

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